How To Join ACX (Audible Audiobooks) As a Foreigner

Isn’t it just a punch in the stomach when you see this money making opportunity but you can’t take it because you don’t live in a certain country?
You got all your books up on Amazon Kindle and Createspace for paperbacks but you can’t get your audiobooks up on Amazon because you don’t live in the US or UK.


I used to think that you needed to live in the US or the UK to be able to get your books up on ACX (Audible). Well, if you read more closely on ACX, they say that you actually just need an address in the US to be able to sign up.

So This Is What You Do

Head over to this website called Traveling Mailbox. Traveling Mailbox is a great service that will set you up with a mailbox in the US, and it only costs $15 a month, and what’s so great with this service compared to others is that they will scan the mails you get and send them to you by email which makes it cheaper than other services that just reship your mail.

It takes less than a minute to sign up and there you go, you have your US mail address. If you log on to Traveling Mailbox you will find your address. Then when you get a mail you can easily make Traveling Mailbox to reship it or to scan it for you and get the mail in your email inbox.

Now you can sign up to ACX without any problem!

Just Kidding, There Is One More Problem We Need To Solve

Once you have your ACX account, it’s time to put in your bank details… that’s when they tell you that you need to have a US Bank Account. But no worries! We can solve this too in just 2 minutes!

Head over to Payoneer and make an account, it’s free.  If you use my link you will get a $25 FREE BONUS from Payoneer when you receive your first $100 on Payoneer. Not bad huh?
Payoneer is a huge company that basically gives you a virtual bank account, much like PayPal or Skrill.

Log in to your Payoneer account and click on Receive > US Payment Service like the image below shows you.


On that page you can see your US bank details and you just head over to ACX and fill in the same thing.
The money that you now make on ACX will be paid to your Payoneer account. And if you setup your Payoneer account you can also make Payoneer pay the money directly to your local bank account.

And don’t forget to sign up with Payoneer with my link so you get those free $25!