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November 2015 Income Report

November was my best month so far since I started my book publishing business on Kindle.
One of my new releases reached a bestsellers rank of 2200 in the paid store which was a new record for me. I’m very happy to see that every new book I release reach a better and faster peak than the one before that.

November Numbers:
Kindle Unlimited Pages read (KENP): 103K
Paid Units: 1013
Createspace sales: 112
Most Units Sold in a day: 119
Least Units Sold in a day: 16
Average Units Sold in a day: 33.76
Total sales: $2454

December Plans:

I don’t really like to set income goals for the months ahead. I think it’s a thing from when I used to play poker for a living, it’s out of your control how much you will sell, just like it’s out of your control how much you will win while playing poker. Sure you can put extra efforts in to try make more sales, put more books online, buy advertising etc, but at the end of the day, it’s the market that decides how much you will sell. All you should focus on is do your best and put out more volume, more grind, aka more books.

With that said, I would like to make $3000. But again, that’s up to the buyers to decide, some months are better than others, we will see! The most important goal for me is to put up at least 4 more books before December ends, making my total book count 20. I also ordered 3 fiction books and I expect to have at least two of them done before December ends. I haven’t really tried fiction before, so I’m excited to see if I can make it work. If I do, I’m sure I can increase my profits ahead since it’s easier to produce fiction and it’s cheaper to hire a fiction writer.

I’m also in the thinking process of creating a Kindle Marketing Course for more advanced publishers that already got the basics figured out. I see people everyday asking questions on how to get more sales, getting review etc. I know for a fact that VERY few kindle puublishers does what I do when it comes to marketing and promotion. I’ve taken a few courses when I started out to help me get to where I am today, but non of them really teached how to market and keep sales going over the long run. I had to figure that stuff out of my own.

I’m also thinking of opening up a Kindle Coaching Service. I’m getting questions almost everyday from people who have seen some of my informative posts in different Kindle forums and groups. I do love to teach things that I know, so I will definitelly start a service like this up sooner or later.

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