Are you lost in the big world of Kindle Publishing and need help to take your business to next level?

Are you dedicated to make this business work and put in the hours?

Doesn’t you just love the word Passive Income?

I ensure you that my coaching will be worth any penny and will skyrocket your business.

My Kindle History

I published my first kindle book in March 2015 with no previous experience in internet marketing. I managed to spike a great niche that I personally had an interest in and my book was selling 2-3 books every day. Not bad at all for a new pen name with no other catalog huh? From there on I just kept publishing more books and my pen name grew and I soon became one of big players in that niche. I do preach quality over quantity and building a brand so important if you want long-term success, yet I see so few “Guru’s” or courses telling you this.

I surrounded myself with successful kindle publishers, took a good course and managed to learn a bunch that isn’t really taught in the courses that I’ve taken. And I’ve taking a few courses for well over $600 over 2015.
Later in 2015 I started to become more active in the different kindle communities out there, starting to give back knowledge that I’ve learned along the way. Every time I wrote some longer detailed guide on something important to the kindle business I always got 20+ people asking me more and more questions. I realized I had a lot more knowledge than most people and the time has come to really be able to help. I’ve had a lot of people asking me if I coach and now I finally do.

My Kindle Income

I’m proud to say that from the people that I know that are successful in Kindle, I’m certainly one of the people who earn the absolute most per book. On average each of my books make me $300 per month, that is with the books that sell bad as well, so it’s a pretty big number compared to most. This is why I always focus on quality. In fact, I make sure that my old books won’t stop selling, my first book that I published in March 2015 still sells 2-3 copies a day.

Check out my Income Reports to see how much I’m currently making.

How does coaching with you work?

I’m here to help you. Whatever you’re struggling with, we will figure it out. Before coaching starts you provide me with how your business is right now, what you want out this coaching session and what you are struggling with so I can prepare before we start the coaching, so you get the most for your buck. We then jump on Skype where the coaching will take place.