My Goals For 2016

So we are 10 days in to 2016 and it’s time for me to put my goals out for 2016.
In 2016 I really want to focus on growing my business, my business is my life at this point. So let’s get to it!

Business Goals:
1. Make 1 000 000 SEK (Swedish millionaire, would be $120k).
2. Expand my publishing business, growing at least 2 more authority pen names.
3. Publish 60 new books (which would be 5 per month).
4. Build at least 1 more income stream. My kindle business is my main focus, but I also want to build another income stream (Ecommerce, Affilliate etc) on the side so I don’t have to relay on only Amazon.

Personal Goals:
1. Become a digital nomad, leaving Sweden behind and just travel while working from my laptop.
2. Wake up earlier, get a better routine which would lead to better work ethic.


I’m not a fan of making to many goals. I usually have a hard time to live up to them so these goals should do it.
The biggest goal for me by far is to make the one million sek. I remember that I said to myself and my family that I would become a swedish (sek) millionaire before I was 25 and a dollar millionaire before I was 30. This was before I had any plan or anything going on. I turn 23 this month and it would be really cool to crush my 25 year old goal already.

In order for me to reach that $120k goal this year I would need to average $10k a month. In December I almost made $4k so I really need to step up this year for it to be possible, and it’s really important that I can publish 5 selling books every month if I want to reach my goal. If I can reach $10k per month by April or May, I think It’s very possible for me to reach the $120k. My biggest challenge there is that at this point, I only really got one good pen name that is making me most of my money. And I can’t publish 60 books under that pen name and that niche during this year because that would make it look spammy as well as I would only compeat with myself about the limited spots on the bestsellers lists.  So that’s where my goal about building two other authority pen names comes in the picture. I need to expand to different niches and take up market share there too.

Let’s crush 2016!

December 2015 Income Report

December was yet again a new record month for my business success. Which was expected with the holiday sales. I crushed the $3000 sales mark that I was hoping for in December with big margins so I’m really happy with the month and I got some big plans for January. I also released my 20th book the 31st! Not bad to make this amount of money with just 20 books huh? Non of them are even on ACX yet! But that will change soon as I’m creating an Audiobook version of all my books that hopefully will sell good, I think most of my books are in a great niche for this market.

The percentage means how much the increase was from the previous month.

December Numbers:
Kindle Unlimited Pages read (KENP): 191k (+85%)
Paid Units: 1086 (+7.2%)
Createspace sales: 173 (+54.5%)
Most Units Sold in a day: 72
Least Units Sold in a day: 18
Average Units Sold in a day: 35
Total sales: $3764 (+53.4%)

I will write a bigger post about my January and 2016 goals soon!